Create your Dream Feminist Jacket ✨

We've got everything you need to put together your dream feminist themed battle jacket! Use a combo of cute pastel and bright coloured patches, pins and badges to create something that's completely one of a kind. Go all out with The Future is Female and Vagina patches, or keep it simple but femme with the Girl Gang pin and GRL PWR badges. It can be as bold and brilliant as you want it to be! Why not get a set of patches or pins and create a loads of girl gang jackets for you and your mates?! They're amazing handmade gifts, they can all look the same or you can make each one completely different. We've put together a selection of how some of our favourites look on a cute pink denim jacket, but you could try it on a classic blue, a badass leather, or even dye your own to create your personal custom shade. All our patches are £3 each, or you can get 2 for £5, enamel pins start from £4 each and badges are £1, buy 4 get 1 free!