In Memory Of When I Gave A Fuck Patch
In Memory Of When I Gave A Fuck Patch

In Memory Of When I Gave A Fuck Patch


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  • Dimensions - H: 7cm W: 5.5cm
  • Iron or Sew On Patch
  • Vegan Friendly Glue
  • 100% Cotton
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That feeling when you can't remember the last time you gave a fuck. Or maybe you're just fresh out of fucks to give? Or perhaps, you never even had a fuck to give, you were just born without fucks, and you have gone through life fuck free. Whether you never cared in the first place or you're now just completely dead inside, let people know it with this patch.

What can I put a patch onto?
- Anything you want really! They are great for customising material items such as jackets, rucksacks, baseball caps, tote bags, beanie hats, pyjamas, scarves...

Do I have to iron on?
- Nope, you can sew on if you prefer

What material can I iron them onto?
- Patches attach really well when ironed onto cotton, denim and natural non-stretch fabrics. For other materials, we recommend sewing either by hand or with a sewing machine

Do they come off?
- Providing they have been attached correctly to begin with, our iron on patches will stay on permanently. You can always add a couple of stitches to secure it too

What about washing the garment?
- Not a problem, wash the garment as you would normally and the patch will be fine

How do I apply using an iron?
- Place on the garment and cover with a tea towel
- Press with a hot iron for min. 2 minutes, using firm pressure and steam function (if available)
- Check the patch is firmly stuck down. If the edges are rising up, cover and press again
(Under 16s - please get adult supervision)