Over Thinker Patch | Luna
Over Thinker Patch | Luna

Over Thinker Patch

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Ever spent over 20 minutes trying to decide what snack to have? Have you woken up at 3 am thinking about that thing you said to that one person 6 years ago and you keep reliving it? Is this your most-used emoji 🙃? Sounds like you’re an over-thinker! Don’t worry, a lot of people are and sometimes it’s OK to sweat the small stuff. Be kind to yourself and try to use your powers for good!

  • Dimensions - H: 6cm W: 6cm
  • Iron or Sew On Patch
  • Vegan-Friendly Glue
  • 100% Cotton
  • Designed by the creative team at Luna.


What can I put a patch onto?
- Anything and EVERYTHING!

Do I have to iron on?
- Nope, you can sew on if you prefer

What material can I iron them onto?
- Well we would say iron them onto anything that is cotton or a natural fabric, otherwise whip the needle and thread out so you don't set anything on fire...

How do I apply using an iron?
- Place on the garment and cover with a tea towel
- Press with a hot iron for min. 2 minutes, using firm pressure and steam function (if available)
- Check the patch is firmly stuck down. If the edges are rising up, cover and press again
(Under 16s - please get adult supervision)