Not Today Satan Necklace

Not Today Satan Necklace


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Anything can trigger your frustration, from our hairdryer breaking when you've just stepped out the shower, to you running out of snacks and not realising, to awful people working in high positions of power. But sometimes, you have to choose for it to not effect you. Sometimes, you've just got to say "Not Today Satan" and continue the rest of the day being the incredible queen you are and getting shit done to make you feel on top again, whether it's fighting for your right for equality or just going to get more biscuits.

  • MATERIALS - Double Layered Perspex pendant / Gold plated steel chain
  • MEASUREMENTS - 6cm pendant / 46cm chain
  • COLOUR - Black/ Gold
  • PERFECT PAIRING - Sashay Away Patch RuPaul Pin
This product is designed and handmade by Extreme Largeness using products sourced from UK based suppliers