Back to the office? 6 mugs to express your feels

So, it’s been 5 months of sitting taking calls in the living room. Endless brews, empty packets of digestives, Zoom calls in your pyjama bottoms and Friends re-runs blaring in the background...
All of a sudden, Boris has opened up the doors to your office and you’re back in the city by 9am Monday morning. You’ve spent so long with only the cat to talk to, how do you speak to another human?
Luckily Luna has you covered for when sometimes a mug speaks louder than words.

For that first 9am Monday Morning back…

Dead Inside Mug - Luna Manchester
What’s a pen? How do I use this?

Dead Inside Mug

Summarising your work week on a Friday afternoon…

You Tried Mug - Luna Manchester
It’s the fact you showed up that counts right?

You Tried Mug

When Rob from accounts keeps on hassling you for that report due 2 months ago…

Fuck Off Floral Mug - Luna Manchester
Yes I watched too many episodes of RuPauls Drag Race over lockdown, and yes I’ll have it on your desk Friday.

Fuck Off Floral Mug

When Covid-19 has turned you into an introvert…

I Hate Everyone Mug - Luna Manchester
You don’t really (or maybe you do), you just really don’t feel like socialising.

I Hate Everyone Mug

The one to remind yourself every day…

Don't Be a Prick Mug - Luna Manchester
Take it from me, the printer isn’t going to work faster the more you scowl at it.

Don't Be a Prick Mug

and when you just need a bit of Dwight Schrute inspiration to get you through the day.

Dwight Shrute Mug - Luna Manchester Dwight Shrute Mug - Luna Manchester
If you want to take anything from this article, take a bit of Dwight's advice for your first day back... “Before I do anything I ask myself, ‘Would an idiot do that?’ And if the answer is yes, I do not do that thing.”

Dwight Shrute Mug