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Luna Manchester is a jewellery, clothing and fashion accessories brand, with a shop based on the ground floor of the famous Afflecks alternative department store in Manchester. It was first established over 20 years ago, with the spirit of the party but with the mind of an after-party. No one knows the history of the business better than our esteemed leader, king and captain Carl Myatt:

Carl Myatt - Luna "Back in 1993 my first experience of business was in the party island of Ibiza. I travelled there with a suitcase of handmade jewellery and set up shop on several of the hippy markets dotted around the island. It went great, people were loving our range of boho jewellery and we were even doing holiday-style hair wraps! After three summers of this, I decided I wanted to return to the UK to open a shop. I opened a very small unit on the 3rd floor in Afflecks in 1996 for a year, before I took the business on the road to concentrate on selling jewellery at festivals like Glastonbury and Reading. For this we renamed ourselves ‘The Manchester Company of Extreme Largeness’ - this was a huge success and after a long summer, I returned to Manchester to open a bigger shop back at our home in Afflecks. I decided to shorten the name to Extreme Largeness and the business has been expanding steadily ever since 1997!"

2004 - The wholesale department opened, selling jewellery to other businesses. We now supply retailers and e-tailers all over the world with 150+ businesses currently stocking our jewellery. All the wholesale pieces are designed in-house, we work closely with factories all over the world to make our creations into real pieces.
2008 - We expanded the company with the retail side opening a new and much larger unit on the ground floor, which we still trade from. The wholesale side moved from my garage and spare bedroom to a large showroom in Cheetham Hill.
2011 - We moved the wholesale business to the 4th floor of Afflecks. This brought the company together within one building and able to work together better as a team.
2019 - We rebranded the online shop to Luna, while keeping the Extreme Largeness branding for our wholesale site and as the name of the parent company.

We've been on a magical journey through metal festivals and Christmas Markets, perspex jewellery and iron-on patches, printed gifts and eco-glitter. We're always future-focused and looking forward to what's coming next, whether it's expanding our flagship store to incorporate LUNA jewellery and EXTREME metal-themed products to working with our amazing sister company The Manchester Shop.