How to Iron On Patches


🧡Firstly, choose your Iron-on Embroidered Patches!

❤ Then, choose the position of your patch on your clean garment
🧡 Make sure you’re certain about the position. Once it’s ironed on, it’s hard to remove!
💛 Place a tea towel over the top of the patch. This protects the embroidery from the heat.
💚 Set your iron on a high heat, carefully press on top of the tea towel where the patch lies.
💙 Check on it after 30 seconds or so, you might need to concentrate on the edges
💜 Apply firm pressure to the patch
❤ Iron the patch through the material on the other side
🧡 You want the adhesive glue to melt onto the material, so lots of pressure and heat is needed
💛 Once it’s cooled down, it’s ready to wear! The patch can be put through the wash and should stay on for life

**Please be aware, this will only work on cotton, denim and natural non-stretch fabrics. For other material, patches can be sewn on by hand or using a sewing machine.**