How to Display Pin Badges

Congratulations, you’ve got enough cool enamel pins to have established a pretty solid collection, you are awesome! But uh oh, you’re now so obsessed with enamel pin badges that you want to look at them all the time… what can you possibly do?! Sometimes you just don’t want to wear them all at the same time (that’s going to weigh you down a bit!) We’ve got the solution - display your enamel pin collection at home! Using our creative ideas, you can show off your fantastic taste in enamel pin badges and take your pick of which ones you want to wear or keep with your collection. We’ve curated 10 different options for you to try, from crafty DIY makes to ready-to-go easy buys.

Pin Badge Display Ideas

1. Pennant

Pin badge pennant
You can get some pretty awesome pennants online from all kinds of fantastic small businesses and indie sellers (we really love the ones on Etsy!) But, if you’re a little bit crafty and have a sewing machine or some craft glue, you can make one pretty easily!

How to use a Pennant to display your pin badges:

    Pin badge pennant equipment
  1. Choose a material you’d like to display your enamel pins collection on, this can be brightly patterned or plain, whatever you’d prefer! We’ve chosen a thick sturdy ecru coloured canvas so our pins stand out! If you go for a less sturdy fabric, you might want to back it up with some felt or thicker material.

  2. Pin badge pennant measure up
  3. Think about how many pins you’d like to display and the size you’d like it to be. Draw a square on your fabric with a triangle at the bottom if you’d like a pointed pennant. Add an inch or two at the top for the pole to thread through.

  4. Pin badge pennant sewing
  5. Cut around the shape leaving 1cm around the edge for the hem. Hem the edges of the pennant using a sewing machine or fabric glue.

  6. Pin badge pennant making
  7. You’ll need a pole or a stick to help hang the pennant, depending on the size of your pennant this could be a thin piece of craft wood or even a chopstick or an old pencil! Wrap the top of the pennant around the pole and sew or glue to secure it.

  8. Pin badge pennant finishing
  9. Tie a piece of string to each end of the pennant pole and voila, it’s ready to display your pins and hang up!
  10. Feeling extra fancy? Add a fringe or pom-pom trim to the outside!

2. Embroidery hoop

Pin badge embroidery hoop

This is definitely a balance between being economically friendly and still very DIY. If you don’t want to make your own pennant or buy a new one, but still want to help out your local haberdashery, an embroidery hoop with some fabulous fabric is a simple solution! There are loads of different sizes too, so no matter how large your enamel pin collection is, your neighbourhood craft shop will have the right size for you!
We bought our embroidery hoop and material from Abakhan in Manchester.

3. Corkboard display

We’ve used painted cork board when displaying our enamel pins at trade shows and it looks fabulous! The bare cork looks great for if you want to go for a more rustic feel, but if you want it to blend into your favourite room at home, try painting it the same colours as your walls, or a slightly different hue so it stands out. This is perfect if you’ve got a really big enamel pin collection (or if you’re thinking of expanding!) you can get large pieces of cork for very low prices at your local craft shop or online.

4. Felt letter board

Pin badge letter board

If you want to add a little message to your pin display, why not try a letter board? You could display all your favourite drag race pins with some of their iconic quotes, or surround your best enamel pins around an inspirational quote that makes you happy to perk you up during the day! The letters and pins are really easy to change around and they look great on photos for your Instagram if you like to spread the love!

5. Magnetic poster holder

Pin badge magnetic frame

A new, innovative way to display your favourite prints is with these super cool magnetic holders, but they also make great enamel pin displays! These are widely available to buy from indie gift shops and online and come in different widths. All you’d need is a piece of material for your pins, put it between the magnetic holder, and you’re ready to go! This is super versatile as you could have any length of material between the holders so it’s great for even a huge collection.

6. Framed cork board

Pin badge cork board

Simple but effective, these framed displays will go perfectly as part of a carefully curated gallery wall of photos at home! What’s a better way to show off your favourite pins than with your treasured memories or cool pop-culture prints?

7. Hexagon cork tiles

Pin badge hexagon tiles

Got a growing collection of pins? Try these felt hexagon tiles! Group your pins together to show off all the different varieties you have, or just pin them to the tiles at random, whatever looks best! They come in loads of different colours too so you can have a whole rainbow of tiles for your enamel pin collection.

8. Tote bag

Pin badge tote bag flat lay Pin badge tote bag

An underrated classic in our opinion! Whether it’s a super cool fabric tote bag that you use all the time and already love, or one you’ve picked up along the way and want to upcycle, adding some enamel pins to a tote bag is a fabulous way to have them on display.

9. Ita bag / clear pocket display bag

Straight out of Harajuku, Tokyo, these awesome bags have been hitting the high-streets recently! With a clear display window on the bag, this is a great way to show off your favourite enamel pins, while keeping them safe and protected. No chance of them breaking or getting lost with this bag! Top tip - take a look on eBay or Depop for second-hand versions, or check out the indie gift and accessories shops near you!

10. Mini-easel

Pin badge easel

People might say that all enamel pins are created equal (OK, they might not say that) but you might have one favourite badge that’s particularly special and stands out from the rest! These mini-easels are super cute and great for turning a pin into art. They look particularly good with our signature “You are amazing!” thank you cards which we send with every order.

Looking to add more to your enamel pins collection? Have a look at our own collection of cute pin badges.