Make Your Jacket More BADASS

Luna Gothic Patches

After years of going to rock and metal festivals, we've seen some pretty badass battle jackets coming our way. People love coming to us to find something to put next to their favourite band patches on their beloved leather or vintage denim jacket. We love to see how many someone can cram on to one piece of clothing, got to have them all! We've got a massive range of gothic themed patches available online, we've chosen a selection of our top sellers to show how they could be work on a jacket. From cult vintage horror movie stars to creepy style slogan heart pieces, we have something for however you want to rock it.
All patches £3 each or 2 for £5! Patches can be ironed onto non stretch cotton (denim is fine!) but will be need to sewn onto leather our other heavy duty fabric. Need help applying patches? Check out our how to guide.

Goth and Emo Patches | Luna
Black Cat Club Patch - Luna