Support LGBTQ+ Homeless Youth with our akt Charity Mug

akt Charity Mug - Luna

We believe it's incredibly important to support our community at Luna, whether that's people who are local to us in Manchester, or LGBTQ+ friends and customers all over the world. These are people who have done so much for us over the years, it's time we do something too.

We've chosen to support LGBTQ+ youth homeless charity akt by donating £5 from each sale of our Equalitea mug gift set directly to them. This includes a gorgeous vibrant orange mug, Equality vinyl sticker and Rainbow Heart Patch. This is an amazing charity, the work they do is very close to our hearts and we want to show our appreciation by raising as much money as possible for them!

akt in Greater Manchester supports LGBTQ+ young people (16-25) who are homeless or living in a hostile environment. akt was founded in Manchester in 1989, and we’re so proud to call it our home. We have a dedicated team based here that work closely with LGBTQ+ young people, offering them the support and safety they deserve. Here at akt we celebrate the wide spectrum of LGBTQ+ identities.