The Drag Queens of Newcastle

The Drag Queens of Newcastle | Shopluna

It goes without saying, but when it comes to drag, the North does it best! Obviously, as a brand born in Manchester, our heart lies in the North West. Nothing beats hitting the Village and supporting all our favourite Manc queens! But what about the babes even further up North, specifically, the drag queens of Newcastle?

After a little bit of a deep dive, we’ve found some of our new favourite queens, serving beauty, comedy and talent by the bucket! Our love for all things Newcastle has expanded past Greggs vegan sausage rolls and the best accent in the UK. We feel like there’s definitely a correlation between the queens that perform in loads of different shows all over the North East, and the amazing acts we see on Canal Street and beyond!

One thing is for sure is the variety of the Newcastle drag queen talent, from classic cabaret acts to surreal cosplay inspired transformation artists. If you’re like us and want to learn more about the drag scene in Newcastle and the North East, check out some of our top picks and some of their fabulous Instagram looks 😍

Choriza May

Drag Race UK Season 3 hit our screens this September and we’re loving what Choriza is serving! Representing Newcastle via Valencia, this Spanish queen is a self-described “sexy mama and queen of drama!” We’re very inspired by her drag motto “antes muerta que sencilla” - I’d rather be dead than basic! What a life mantra. She’s as spicy, fiery and feisty as fine artisan chorizo sausage and we’re here for it.

Miss Dixie Swallows

A cabaret star that rose through the ranks of drag competitions and honed their craft in the bars and working men’s clubs of the North, this queen now entertains the world with their perfectly polished act! She’s super talented too, making her own costumes and playing the piano on the side. We love this versatile babe. Need more Dixie in your life? Her YouTube is a hoot, go subscribe!

Baron LaVey

Looking for an artist that smashes gender binaries, shouts loudly about equal rights AND produces some fabulous looks?! You will love Baron LaVey. This drag king from Newcastle creates incredible cosplay focused transformations. A lot of their work is inspired by horror, mystical creatures and anime, perfect for anyone who loves all things gothic. From Pokemon villains to Johnny Depp characters, you’d love them if you’re into spellbinding transformations!

Mutha Tucka

A true veteran of the drag industry, the self-proclaimed “North East’s original bearded lady” Mutha Tucka has been dabbling with drag since their student days. Part of the iconic Klub Kids collective who has been seen alongside legends like Amanda Lepore, this Mutha is a super talented performer who tours the world with their amazing act, models incredible shoes for drag queens and spreads the love for her hometown queens.


If there’s one thing she’s not, it’s a travesty. Travisty’s serves big, bold and bright looks while hosting fabulous events all around Newcastle. If you need any more reasons to be obsessed with Travisty, check out their Patsy Stone drag, absolutely iconic! And they also collect super creepy (and kind of cute?!) bugs, don’t look at this if you’re about to go to sleep.

Gladys Duffy

Newcastle’s Drag Idol competition winner, Sunderland’s own “geriatric twink” (their words!) treats the toon to their comedy stylings with a mash-up classic camp drag and a dash of contemporary inspiration. A character that’s been worked on since the age of 12, you’ll love Gladys if you’re into the full cabaret experience and love to see a nana on a night out.

Frida Sapphic

Another stunning Drag Idol winner, Frida Sapphic gives us gorgeous retro transformations! We’re in love with this fabulous Daphne from Scooby-Doo cosplay, but we’re also massive fans of her Ratched and pop art-inspired looks, taking us to another time and place through her incredible creativity. If you love all things drag and need something new to delve into listening wise, try her podcast Dragopedia, where Frida and her fellow queen Claudia Gaboré chat all things drag! From being TikTok famous to discussing cancel culture, you’ll find it all here.


Ivy gives us everything we love in a queen - stunning makeup looks, frequent horror references and amazing cosplay! We’ve loved following their Spooktober series from last Halloween and can’t wait to see what’s to come from “Newcastle’s finest cockroach.”

Venus Dimilo

Venus sums herself up as “just a drag queen with no arms” but she’s a lot more than that! Born with TAR (thrombocytopenia absent radius) she’s literally a work of art, taking inspiration from the iconic greek statue while serving the most flawless makeup looks ever! From a Freddy Krueger themed alternative drag act to performing live with some of the greats at Klub Kids, Venus is taking over the North East with her unique interpretation of drag. We also love this house makeover parody show she was part of on Youtube, so hilarious!

Toni the Doll

Wow, talk about a multi-talented queen! We’ve seen Toni front flipping on stage, work their dressmaking skills (this girl holds a Fashion and Constructed Textiles degree hun!) create outstanding makeup looks and be an advocate for LGBTQ+ rights. They can truly do it all! The Geordie Doll’s hard work doesn’t go unnoticed as MX Drag England pageant Winner 2021, we believe it’s very well deserved!

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